Welcome to my blog!

Hey guys! Welcome to lacorsadellasperanza.org. Join me as I travel the world, blogging about the mischief I get up to, the countries I visit and other thoughts and ramblings on my mind. Travelling has always been a dream and I’m finally able to do it. Rather than spending all day on my phone taking pictures, […]

Understanding the Communication That Comes Along with Traveling on Bike

When you’re riding your bike and plan on going for a long trip, it’s important to understand why you need to communicate with everyone else on your team. You’ve probably seen a number of people biking together in much more rural areas, and all of them are together for a reason – when you can […]

Gaming to the Limit – Finding the Best Headsets

Gaming has become much more than merely a hobby, as these days, people are making a living through their consoles. It’s a strange thing to think of, but it just goes to show how our world is developing – we are becoming more and more intertwined with technology. I wouldn’t be surprised if we were […]

Hair Removal Tools – Do They Work?

The need for hair removal tools has grown over time, mainly because we are a society that depends upon looks. If you don’t care about hair removal tools, you’re either a man or you lack basic moral fiber. I can’t imagine what life would be like in the summer if I wasn’t able to keep […]

Bathroom Renovations – Picking the Right Toilet

Sitting on your throne should be a process that is not only comfortable, but simple to boot. You don’t want to have a million different gadgets coming your way at once, which can happen when you try to purchase one of those fancy (and very expensive) toilets. I’m not going to tell you how to […]

Brawling on PC: Games That Relieve Stress

When you get the beat the living crap out of somebody in a video game, you get this weird sense of satisfaction. Knowing you would never randomly beat up an innocent bystander in real life, you decide to do it anyways, and it feels amazing – fighting in video games has been a past time […]

Do New Diet Trends Really Work?

Being fit is somewhat of a fad, just like in the 90’s when aerobic classes were the thing to do – except these days, we’re focused on stuff like crossfit. That’s why you see so many people on social media with amazing bodies, and it makes you want to get in on the action. One […]

Microsoft in 2017: Still the Best?

Computers and anything to do with them are going to remain competitive, as that’s just human nature. Whenever we can create something with our own two hands, there will be competitions to decide who the ultimate maker is. Windows is the operating system produced by Microsoft, a company owned by Bill Gates – you may […]

Getting the Most Out of Your Office Space

The amount of time that you spend in your office is more than likely staggering, as we belong to a society that holds working people in high regards. You need to be putting in your 40 hours every single week, at the exact same desk – so at times, I understand why you would consider […]

What Makes Up the Best Spotting Scope?

Using a spotting scope is a common practice for hunters all over the world, because seeing the game before they see you is going to be advantageous. The entire purpose of hunting is to be as quiet and lethal as possible, because nobody wants to see an animal suffer – the quicker you can kill […]

Finding the Perfect Holiday Destination in India

India is one of the most frequently visited destinations when it comes to traveling the world, and that means there are tons of things to do (obviously). The thing is, you want to make sure that everything goes according to plan – the last thing you want to happen is for your vacation to take […]

How to Download Scribblenauts for Free

Scribblenauts is an awesome game that people are falling in love with, and it isn’t a random occurrence. People are falling in love with this game because it’s not only fun, but it forces you to use your brain as well; it’s the perfect game option for kids that are growing. Video games that are […]

Communication Within Online Gaming

Communicating with your team is an important piece of the winning pie. Online gaming is about remaining competitive, but most importantly, it’s all about winning in the end. When you’re winning, you feel like you are on top of the world – nobody can touch you! That is, until you stop communicating with your team […]

Using the Internet to Your Advantage: Best CRNA Schools

Education is an important aspect of life, despite what many may think. It doesn’t matter what you plan on going into, as long as you’ve got the passion and willpower to work hard enough. If you do, you’ll do well and eventually develop into a working class citizen – but you can’t do that without […]

Why I Use a Car Cover

Ever since I was a little boy, I was a fan of cars. My father was a mechanic and I would always see him out in the garage, working on one of his dream projects – he would have two or three different cars that he was working on at the same time. One thing […]

Looking to Purchase Soundcloud Plays?

Interested in Soundcloud promotion? Soundcloud is an online platform that allows propel to follow their favorite musicians, as well as listen to any music that they have released on there. You could put out exclusive tracks on your Soundcloud page and save all of the major stuff for actual release, or just use Soundcloud as […]