Bathroom Renovations – Picking the Right Toilet

Sitting on your throne should be a process that is not only comfortable, but simple to boot. You don’t want to have a million different gadgets coming your way at once, which can happen when you try to purchase one of those fancy (and very expensive) toilets. I’m not going to tell you how to spend your money, and if that’s what you prefer on a personal level, so be it! I’m the kind of guy that likes a good wall mounted toilet, as it’s creative in the looks department, but also works very well.

I want a toilet that is going to be consistent, and won’t break on me with a bit of pressure. I’m not taking any power poops or anything, but there are times where you’ll have guests over and the toilet is going to face the test of time. You should probably take a look at as many reviews as possible before you finally decide on which toilet you’re going to buy, as none of them are going to seem cheap. For as much money as you’ll be spending on the renovations of your washroom, cutting costs on your toilet options isn’t going to be a good idea.

You may just end up with a hot pink toilet that’s been lightly used. All jokes aside, we all have preferences, so just figure out what yours is and decide on options in that matter. Since I prefer a wall mounted toilet, I’ll look at various reviews on them and see what people have to say. From there, I’ll make a list of potential purchases and then cut it down from there. Just treat it like a football team, and you’re the coach.