Brawling on PC: Games That Relieve Stress

When you get the beat the living crap out of somebody in a video game, you get this weird sense of satisfaction. Knowing you would never randomly beat up an innocent bystander in real life, you decide to do it anyways, and it feels amazing – fighting in video games has been a past time that we as humans fell in love with long ago. Fighting games have progressed from two dimensional pixel projects, all the way to fully rendered 3D projects/ The quality of video games that we’re seeing these days is immaculate, and I can only imagine what they’re going to come up with in the future.

I don’t know about you, but I would love to have holograms sent directly to my brain (we’re more than likely very far away from something like that, but a man can dream!). Brawl Stars PC is a new game that brings you into the world of fighting at its finest. If you have ever felt the need to relieve some stress on one of those squishy little balls, odds are this is a game for you.

This game features cute and fun looking characters, but they all pack a mean punch. It was initially meant for Android and other mobile devices, but now they are finally making their grand entrance onto the PC stage. Some people prefer to play titles like this on the computer, as opposed to their phones. That’s completely fine with me, as I’m always trying to push my TV’s to be bigger and bigger! I feel your pain. Not only do you get to play on a bigger screen, but since it’s a PC port, it will probably play much smoother as well.