Why I Use a Car Cover

Ever since I was a little boy, I was a fan of cars. My father was a mechanic and I would always see him out in the garage, working on one of his dream projects – he would have two or three different cars that he was working on at the same time. One thing I noticed is that he would always have this sort of tarp over the cars he wasn’t working on, and whenever I tried to peek underneath one, he would scold me.

In a good way, mind you, my father was a great man and raised me right – I’m only saying this because it made me very interested in cars at an early age. I would try and take them apart and put them back together again, and I failed miserably at that more than a few times. After I was able to put cars together with ease, I felt like I had earned my stripes (so to speak), and my dad gifted me with a present I’ll never forget. He bought me my very first car cover, something that you use to make sure your precious puppies aren’t being touched by dust (or anything dirty, for that matter).

Using a car cover is somewhat of a lost art, and many people forget that it’s one of the most useful things to do. If you’re a fanatic of cars, you probably use a car cover for yourself. Allowing your vehicle to face the harsh winters, wet springs and hot summers without any sort of protection is just crazy. You usually see people with souped up old cars using a car cover, and that’s because they have worked so hard to maintain the beauty of their vehicle.